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There are many very good bitcoin sites that you can use. If you want to find the best one for yourself  it is very important to follow the rules that you have at the beginning of this article.  Be sure that  the site is properly listed among the sites that can work in this way and try to inform yourself as much as you can. Playing the games  on the basis of bitcoins just looks simple, but it is not. You will have to be very good computer literate if you want to start with this kind of gambling.

We suggest you to start with reading the reviews first to collect as much information that you can. When you finish with reading of the reviews maybe you can look over some forum where you can see what were the frequently asked question because on this way you will be able to find out what were the problems of previous players that already started to play or have the intention to start playing. Only when you have very good list of information try to visit as many sites that you can and try to find out what are the payment rates and if there is some limit when you would like to withdraw the money. Only when you finish all of these you will be able to decide which web site you would like to join.

Once when you join be aware that you can have only one account. Most of the sites are forbidding the users to have more than one account. If you do not respect these rules your account might be suspended. This is why you need to play by the rules that are clearly taking position  on almost every site that you can look over.

At the end, when you have finished your registration and start playing the only thing that you will need is some experience and lot of luck if you are expecting to be awarded. We advise you to act carefully and to be aware that gambling sites are the place where you can win the money, but for sure you can lose a lot if you are not careful enough.


How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Gambling or Casino Sites? is one of the first casinos that started with  bitcoins. This site is popular in every country as there are no country restrictions. Here you can make your registration fast and without so many additional papers. This casino is special as you will have to download the software on your device if you want to start playing. Here you can find more than 100 casino games and some of them are made according to famous movies like for example X man, Iron Man, Blade, Incredible Hulk and many others. Here you can find a very wide choice of possible attractive games.

Bet Chain casino is made to attract the players worldwide. Here you can make your choice among baccarat, blackjack, Hilo, different kinds of poker games, you can make a choice between few roulette games and try your luck on the big number of popular slot games. There are also some poker machines that can be interesting too.

The Bit Games is a website for online betting games. All these games are fun and you can find here roulette and video poker. On this web site there is no need to make registrations and all your winning will be made instantly. You can try out Roulette, video poker, Blackjack or some Lottery game. Provably fair kind of software is applied on this page.

Satoshi Dice is website made by Japanese programmer. She was a designer that made this webpage on the basis of dice game and here you will have a kind of Lucky Number that is picked by the Ghost of Satoshi. If your number is less than the one that is picked you will be awarded with bitcoins. Constantly you will be able to see the list of winners on the home page and this is how you can track  the game.

Bitcoin and Litecoin casino is the web site where you can enjoy in more than 100 casino games. Here you can find attractive 3D slot games, roulette, lottery games, different poker games, baccarat and many other. There is no possibility trying those games before previous registration, but as these are some popular games which you can find somewhere else and play for free if you want to see how do they look like, then this should not be a big problem for you.

Casino Bit Co is one more site where you can have gaming pleasure. This web page will offer you sportsbook that you can play for almost every sport. There is also a casino and here you can make your choice between a big number of table games or slot games that you can play for bitcoins. The software that this site is using is provably fair and this is how you will know that you are at the legal place for betting with bitcoins.

Bitcoin Video Casino is the place where you can play different table games starting from video poker, over the roulette and blackjack game. Also, here you will have craps, keno and some slot games that you can play in order to get some additional bitcoins. Dice games are also available. If you enjoy this kind of games, maybe this is one of the best casinos for you.

Coin of Midas is the place where you won’t be able to play any games. Here you can earn some bitcoins while looking over the advertisement that are put like sponsored. This is actually Paid To Click service and only by clicking on the ads you will be able to get some awards. Most of the adds least around 30 seconds.

Satoshi Bet is one more place where you can find table games mostly. You can make up your choice among video poker, roulette, blackjack, casino war or lucky 7. In any case, for all these games you will be awarded some bitcoins if you have the right combination of cards or numbers. If you are the beginner, you can chose to play in the practice mode so you will be able to see if these games can fit into your needs.

Bitoomba is only one more among the best known bitcoin sites. It has bitcoin slot machines and this is how you can play for bitcoins here. You will have to make registration, but you will be able to receive 100% of welcome bonus which will be in the value according to your initial payment that you will make after your registration.

Casino Bum is also one of the web pages that you can visit. Here you will be able to find roulette games, slots and blackjack and also you can try fortune wheels. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to earn some bitcoins that you can use later on for further playing or you can make the payout when you need.

Bit Hit is the place where you can have a big number of slot games available. Here you won’t have the possibility to make some trial playing and you will have to make registration first.

You can also try to play some games on the Satoshi Karoshi web page. Here you will be able to find roulette games as on the most of bitcoins web pages, but here you will have something that is not so usual. That is the minesweeper game which is a little bit different than anything you saw on other sites. Beside that you will be able to try scratching tickets in order to be awarded.

On the Casino Bitco page you can have software that is provably fair and play classic table games like blackjack and baccarat, but you can also play roulette. There you can also have a service of the sportsbook.

One more provably fair casino is Bit Zino where you can take your chance and play craps, roulette, poker games and slots. This is a place that also has provably fair software and it is completely safe to go and play.

Seals with Clubs will offer you total support for PC, Mac and Linus and beside that you can have resizable tables. All the games are suitable for mobile devices that are smart phones and this is how you can take your game with you wherever you are on the most easiest way. Here you will have one of the largest bitcoin poker networks where you can play online.

Bit Coin Live Bets is one of the first online bitcoin place for sports betting. You can make your choice between soccer, basketball or tennis, but each time the betting results are coming from the real sports games that you can follow and according to their development you will know whether if you are awarded or not.

Bitcoin Casino Pro is one of the sites where you can find very wide range of possible games that you can play. There is a Bitcoin casino as itself, but beside that you will be able to play some poker, dice games or even to take a look over some available sportbooks that you can play on

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